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Hazelden is honored to produce resources with many of the most respected authorities in the fields of prevention, addiction treatment, and continuing care. Whether you're in recovery yourself or a professional working in a prevention or addiction-related field, Hazelden's authors are the experts who have helped our society define the problems of addiction and continue to help us all shape the right solutions.

Hazelden author listing

Click on any of the authors' names below to see a full listing of all books written by that author. To find publications by an author who is not on this list, enter the last name of the writer in the keyword field of our Bookstore search. Many of our authors do more than just write. They tour, they teach and they speak.
Visit our Author Events Page to see what's coming.

William Alexander

Mel B.

Melody Beattie

Peter Bell

Allen Berger

Ali Berman

Stephen Biddulph

Lorraine Bilodeau

Claudia Black

William G. Borchert

Maureen Brady

Brené Brown

Patrick Carnes

Karen Casanova

Karen Casey


Beverly Cobain

Carol Colleran

Jan Copeland

Stephanie Covington

Jon Derek Croteau

Dennis Daley

Charlie Donaldson

Debbie Danowski

Damian McElrath

Tian Dayton

Amy E. Dean

Ed Driscoll

Elaine Eldridge

Jack Erdmann


Katie Evans

Carol Falkowski

Fawn Fitter

Michael Fitzpatrick

Randy Flood

Joani Gammill

Beth Gulas

Elizabeth Hanson Hoffman

Earl Hipp

Brenda J. Iliff

Debra Jay

Jeff Jay

Angela Jerabek

Mark Jenkins

Blackwolf Jones

Gina Jones

Anne Katherine 

Father Joseph C. Martin®

Paul Kivel

Kathryn D. Kominars

Sheppard B. Kominars

Mark S. Komrad

Barry L.

Darlene Lancer

Earnie Larsen

Joseph Lee

Susan P. Limber

Omar Manejwala

Shelly Marshall

Marilyn Mason

Jennifer Matesa

Daniel Maurer

Anne McCraken

Mitch Meyerson

Kenneth A. Montrose

John D. Moore

William C. Moyers

Karen Nagy

Cardwell C. Nuckols

Olweus Dan 

Patricia L. Owen

Bill P.

Jordan Paul

Margaret Paul

Patricia Potter-Efron

Ronald Potter-Efron

Gayathri Ramprasad

Gayle Rosellini

Terry A. Rustin

Sandra Rutter

Pat Samples

Mary Semel

Marvin D. Seppala

Joseph Shrand

Judith R. Smith

Marlene Snyder

Jennifer Storm

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy

William Voors

Michele Weldon

Additional authors:
Patricia W. Agatston, Laurie Ashner, Frederic Blow, Rebecca D. Chaitin, Vicki Crocker Flerx, Michael Demask, Larry Kearney, Judith M. Knowlton, Daryl Kosloskie, Robin M. Kowalski, Jean Larch, Diane Larsen, Marvin Larsen, George E. Leary Jr., Patricia Marinelli-Casey, MATRIX INSTITUTE, Micheal J. McCann, David Mee-Lee, Merlene Miller, Nancy Mullin, Susan C. Nuckols, Jeanne L. Obert, David Oslin, Robert Poznanovich, Richard Rawson, Jane Riese, Jenni Schaefer, William Springborn, Jennifer Thomas, Kathyleen M. Tomlin, Andrew T. Wainwright, David Washington, Mark Worden, Tracey Cleantis, Sandra L. Bloom