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Incorporate the Steps Like an Expert and Strengthen Recovery Outcomes

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I've purchased Twelve Step Facilitation. Why should I invest in specific training?

Take an interactive deep dive into Twelve Step Facilitation, a dynamic treatment modality designed to strengthen early and long-term substance use disorder recovery. Ideal for those working in community-based, corrections, private practice and mental health settings, this training will prepare you to expertly guide and walk alongside your patients as you incorporate a cornerstone of recovery into their treatment plans.

Training Objectives

  • Describe the Twelve Steps and how they apply to various recovery stages
  • Identify individual recovery barriers and create plans to reduce them
  • Apply Twelve Step language and principles in individual facilitation settings as well as group treatment
  • Incorporate Twelve Step principles into other modalities practiced in an organization
  • Effectively help clients prepare for self-managing a substance use disorder while building a strong recovery foundation

I haven't purchased Twelve Step Facilitation. What is it?

Millions of people put their faith in the Twelve Steps every day. As a treatment provider, however, you need more than faith: you need proof to show accountability. Research proves that belonging to a Twelve Step fellowship group increases the chances of long-term recovery from addictions and is also helpful with treating mental health disorders.

As proven through Project MATCH research, Twelve Step Facilitation—combined with Twelve Step group support—helps individuals succeed as they move from treatment into recovery.

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Call 1-800-328-9000 to learn more about custom training options.

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